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Ford IT Security provides technical proposal services that assists our customers with the development of innovative approaches to Cyber and Information Technology, Enterprise Mobility, and Technical Management solutions.
Our approach is based on "Best of Cyber" practices for all solicitations including their development and successful submission.   If you are looking for Unique, Efficient, Innovative, and Cost Effective approaches to capturing business - We can help!  

Our service is based on the latest technologies coupled with the best fit of business processes and procedures. We ensure high quality and optimized delivery!
Ford IT Security, Technical Proposal Services
"Best of Cyber"
Ford IT Security will always work with you, as your partner, and we strive to perform our services with the highest regard to confidentiality.

Ford IT Security Technical Proposal Services Offerings
  • Technical Response Formulation
  • Process and Procedure Development
  • Contract Compliance Review and Analysis
  • Gate Review Services
  • DoD, DHS, NASA, USPS and FEDSIM    Procurement Experience
  • Diagram and Graphic Development
  • Win Theme Formulation
  • Customer Capture and Research
  • Price Estimation Services
  • IDIQ, Cost, Fixed Price, Time & Material

  • The Ford IT Security Difference

  • Innovation - Unique technical prospective to complex IT requirements
  • On-Time Execution - Efficient, and effective technical solutions optimized for delivery
       increasing likelihood of performance and reducing cost & risks for our customers
  • Quality - High quality, strategic, and technically compliant responses to tasks
  • Access to Expertise - Senior DoD SES/Flag Level Acquisition Experts

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